TorahsmallCelebrating a Bar Mitzvah in the Gardens Shul is truly something special. In addition to the magnificent Shul, full Choral service and beautiful facilities much effort is made to ensure a personalized, meaningful and uplifting experience for the Bar Mitvzah boy and his family.
What is a Barmitzvah?
What is its origin in Jewish tradition? What is its significance? The Torah makes it clear that only an ish - an adult - is bound by the rules of the Torah. But what is an ish - at what age does a child become an adult? In the book of Genesis (34:25) we read that “the two sons of Yaakov, Shimon and Levi, ...took each man his sword...” According to Rabbinic tradition, Levi was 13 years old at that time and the Torah refers to him as an ish - a man, an adult.

For a boy, his thirteenth birthday is the time when his Divine soul, present from birth, becomes fully functional. The thirteenth birthday (twelve for a girl) obviously follows the Jewish (lunar) calendar. At this age, one reaches intellectual maturity. Therefore, on the day he turns 13, a boy becomes ‘Barmitzvah’ - ‘a son of the commandment’ - meaning that in the eyes of Jewish law he has now come of age. From now on he is subject to all the obligations as well as all the privileges of an adult. At most Shuls, including Gardens, the formal Barmitzvah is scheduled for a Shabbat after the thirteenth birthday, occasionally some weeks after it

To book your Bar Mitzva or to find out more please contact the Shul office and one of our friendly office staff will assit you further. The Rabbi too will be happy to assist.

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