Daily: Halacha Vort following Shacharit, Short Shiur between Mincha & Maariv.
Mishna Shiur: Thursdays half an hour before Mincha.
Breakfast Club: Tuesday mornings. To sponsor a breakfast please contact the Shul office.
Talmud Shiur for men: Tuesday 7.45pm at the home of Rabbi Feldman. The group is currently studying Tractate Taanis.
Lunch time Shiur: held at various offices throughout the week.
Torah Learning Classes for Ladies: Thursday 11am in the boardroom.
Parsha Shiur:  Friday morning immediately following Shacharit.
‘Halacha from the Parsha’ Shiur: following the Shabbat morning Brocha.

All Shiurim are led by Rabbi Feldman.

To organize a personal one on one study session or a Shiur at your home or office please contact the Shul office.