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6 Neighbourhood Trends That Are Defining 2023

As we arrive midway through the year, it becomes abundantly clear which property design trends are defining the UK’s neighbourhoods. Property websites are another great source of evidence too and varying levels of demand for certain home features are also a great indicator of current and future trends.

While some might simply find these trends interesting to note, others see them as fundamental to their work. Developers and estate agents, for example, must keep attuned with different interior and exterior designs to ensure that they know how to accurately value and market a property. For sellers, knowing trends is also important and can mean the difference between underselling their property and earning extra income on their investment.

Drawing from industry sources, as well as advice from the UK’s most well-known developers, we’re sharing six of the most important property trends of 2023.

Going Solar

By far the most significant change across the UK is the uptake of solar panels. These carbon-friendly features are becoming so popular, in fact, that the registration process for new appliances is extending from a few weeks to months as a greater number of residents look to begin improving their sustainability and saving money on electricity bills.

Log Cabins

Perhaps prompted by the need for private office spaces in the wake of the remote working revolution, log cabins and other luxury outbuildings are becoming ubiquitous across the country. These stylish outdoor structures are blank canvases for creativity and different homes are seemingly finding unique ways to entirely reinvigorate their living space with this simple addition.

Colourful Facades

Homes are becoming brighter. Likely motivated by the celebration of well-known and colourful neighbourhoods, as well as a new generation of maximalist homeowners, the street-facing facades of properties are being painted in more exuberant and exciting colours, making many regions look more like Balamory.

Vehicle Charging

The ability to charge electric vehicles, which are soon to overtake petrol and diesel vehicles in popularity, is in greater demand. This is leading to the need for vehicle charging options at home, with property owners going to greater efforts to install space and facilities outside of their homes.

Nature Focussed

On the back of trends like No Mow May and home growing, neighbourhoods are being perceived by their environmentally friendly attitudes. Those where homeowners are cultivating their own foods, composting their own waste, and harnessing their collected rainwater are all becoming more celebrated, with buyers willing to pay a premium for a property that reduces their carbon footprint.

Smart Structure

Whether it is a smart lock that can recognise residents’ faces or a heating system that learns the lifestyle habits of individuals, smart homes are in greater demand for the luxury and cost-saving opportunities that they offer. It is now not uncommon for neighbourhoods to be deemed far safer with credit to the ubiquity of individual smart doorbells helping to keep each other’s homes protected in a true sense of neighbourhood watch.

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