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9 Innovative Design Ideas for Small Bathroom Renovations in Tauranga

Just because your bathroom lacks square footage doesn’t mean it has to fall short in style or functionality. With strategic planning and innovative design ideas, you can transform your small space into a relaxing retreat. Here are nine ingenious ideas for small bathroom renovations in Tauranga.

1.   Lighten It Up:

The colour palette plays a significant role in how spacious a room appears. Light colours reflect lighter, making the space feel open and airy. Opt for light-coloured tiles, paint, and fixtures. Cream, beige, light grey, and pastel shades can work wonders to brighten up your bathroom. If possible, incorporate natural light. A skylight or an extra window can bring in sunshine, adding warmth and depth to the space.

2.   Maximize Storage:

Effective storage solutions are key to maintaining a clutter-free bathroom. Utilize vertical wall space with tall cabinets or open shelves. Consider installing recessed medicine cabinets and built-in shower niches to save space while keeping essentials within reach. Over-the-toilet storage and under-sink cabinets are also excellent for storing towels, toiletries, and other bathroom necessities.

3.   Choose the Right Fixtures

Choosing the right fixtures can significantly impact your bathroom’s look and feel. Wall-mounted sinks and toilets, as well as floating vanities, provide more floor area, creating an illusion of spaciousness. Pedestal sinks are chic and space-saving, while corner sinks are perfect for tight spaces. When it comes to the shower, opt for a curved quadrant model, which takes up less space than a standard square or rectangular design.

4.   Enhance with Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just practical; they can also dramatically expand a room visually. A large mirror over the sink or a full-length mirror installed on the door can double the room’s perceived depth. Mirrored cabinets are a great way to enhance this effect.

5.   Incorporate Glass Elements

Incorporating glass elements in your bathroom design can make a significant difference in creating the perception of space. Transparent glass doors for the shower area or half-glass partitions instead of shower curtains open up the space significantly. They create an unbroken visual line rather than sectioning off the space, making the bathroom appear larger.

6.   Opt for a Corner Sink

If your bathroom layout is particularly tricky, a corner sink could be a smart solution. Placed across from the toilet rather than adjacent, a corner sink can help avoid traffic flow issues and make the best use of available space. With a variety of designs available, from pedestal styles to wall-mounted models, you can find a corner sink that fits your aesthetic and functional needs.

7.   Go Big on Patterns and Textures

Big, bold patterns and textures can distract the eye and make the room appear expansive. A statement wallpaper or a textured wall can add depth and interest to your bathroom without taking up any extra space. Similarly, using large-scale patterns in small spaces can trick the eye into seeing expanded space. Whether it’s a dramatic geometric tile pattern or a large-scale floral wallpaper, don’t be afraid to play with bold designs.

8.   Install a Pocket Door

Replacing a traditional swing door with a sliding pocket door can free up several square feet of usable space. In small bathrooms, every inch counts, and the space you save can mean more room for other features like an extra-large vanity or an additional storage cabinet. Not to mention, pocket doors have a sleek, modern appeal that can enhance the overall design of your bathroom.

9.   Minimalist Design

Adopt a minimalist approach. Keep the design clean, simple, and clutter-free. Streamlined furniture, simple lines, and uncluttered surfaces create a sense of calm and space. Stick to essential items and clear away anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. Opt for built-in storage solutions to keep your necessities out of view.

Small bathroom renovations in Tauranga can be challenging, but with these innovative design ideas, you can create a beautiful, functional space. Remember, the key to making a small bathroom work is maximizing every inch, focusing on functionality, and using tricks to create the illusion of space.



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