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How to make a cheap outdoor rug:

These strategies are focused on the greatest way to make your outside area appear and function the best for your family. If you’re looking for an inexpensive outdoor rug, we’ve got you covered.

Method 1


  • Burlap
  • Acrylic paint
  • Painters tape or stencils
  • Clear acrylic caulk


Spread your burlap (many places offer a great selection of colours) and decide how you want to adorn it.

Paint your plan using exterior acrylic paint and a paintbrush.Allow the paint to dry completely.

Spout a dab of caulk over the perimeter of the rug and work your way around, incorporating smaller circular square shapes toward the inside. When everything is said and done, the caulk will protect the edges from unravelling and give the rug more body. I used one 10 ounce tube, but you could use more if you wanted to build it up.

Method 2

You’d need

  • Sewing machine with cotton or denim needle • Craft blade


  • A 6 by 9 inches canvas drop fabric
  • 5 by 8 or 4 by 6 inchrug pad
  • Outdoor paint
  • Foam paint brush
  • Spray treating
  • Poster board or card stock

Create a Stencil

If you want to construct a motivated strategy, start with six circles of 5 inch measurement. Place the circles two by two next to each other, one inch apart. To help keep things straight, draw three 2-inch-separated lines on the flat where the sets meet and four lines on the vertical to stamp the 1-inch spacing. Follow the top and bottom sets of circles, as well as the outsides of the middle circles.

Cut Stencil

Using an art blade, cut out the shape. Save the cut piece of card stock; it will help you arrange the sample when painting.

Canvas Pattern Application

Spread your stencil out and then fill the shape with paint using a foamy paintbrush.Fill in the interior after touching the brush straight down around the corners. Begin with a single straight line of uniformly distributed shapes. Continue with another line beneath and repeat until your carpet is the perfect size.

Fill in Pattern

Return through the gaps and occupy them with counterweight columns of a similar design. To quickly organise the example, set the saved cut out form where you want the stencil and verify a few guidelines with a pencil. Reapply the paint until the entire zone is covered, then let it dry completely.

Canvas should be cut to size.

Place the rug cushion over the completed canvas, paint side down. Cut the canvas two inches larger than the cushion’s edge.

Connect Canvas to Pad

Connect the canvas to the rug cushion with splash treatment. Apply a little layer below the floor covering cushion, then overlap the long sides of the canvas over the cushion.

Border with Overlay

Apply the splash treatment to the shorter edges and then overlap them to create nice, smooth corners. Include pins or sewing cuts if desired, although the shower should keep everything in place as you sew.

Canvas and Pad Sewing

Sew the rug to the cushion with a strong or denim needle.

Make Certain of Your Work

Place your rug in your favourite outdoor rug space and relax.

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