Wednesday, June 19, 2024

How To Prevent Your Garden Tools From Rusting

Gardening season is upon us, glorious springtime where the temperatures have slowly started to reach a warm space and we are ready to venture back out into our gardens again after a long, cold winter. During the next few months, you’ll be using your garden tools regularly and it is important that you have a secure storage solution for them.

Metal garden boxes provide the perfect storage solution for your garden tools, both during the summer season when you are using them regularly and during the winter months when they are stored away.

It is during these winter months that you must be careful about your garden tools suffering fromrust damage. As the temperatures start to drop and you storeyour garden tools away, you need to ensure they are protected from rust. Here are some tips to help:

Keep your tools dry and clean – Before putting your garden tools away, make sure that they are clean and dry. It is good practice to fully clean your tools after every use to remove soil, dirt, and sap. Scrape away dried mud and dirt before washing them with soap and water. Always dry thoroughly with a cloth or old towel to prevent any dampness from grabbing hold.

Remove any rust – If you don’t remove rust from your garden tools it will only get worse. Rusted blades and handles can cause mayhem for your garden tools and your ability to perform basic gardening tasks. There are different rust treatments available that will help you maintain your gardening tools and keep them in good condition.

Sharpen your tools – Most garden tools have blades and you’ll be using them a lot during the summer. Ensure that you re-sharpen any blades before you put them back to work in the garden, using a flat file to sharpen at the same angle as the blade.

Store them in a metal garden box – A metal garden box is the best storage solution for your garden tools at all times of the year. They offer robustness and a sense of security that leaving your garden tools in a wooden shed cannot match. On top of that, they are maintenance-free. When spring comes round again you can open the box and find your tools in perfect condition, exactly as you left them.

Suitable for storing a myriad of items, metal garden boxes are perhaps one of the most useful storage solutions. From soft furnishings that go with your outdoor furniture to footballs, tennis rackets and even garden toys for the kids, they will protect belongings all year round.

The beauty of metal garden storage is that it is maintenance free, providing you with the perfect solution to keep your garden tools safe and dry, protected from the elements and the potential damage that rust brings over time. A safe, secure metal box that leaves you worry free, is easy to put together and is a fantastic storage solution for any garden.

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