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Inquire With Woodiwiss about Staying At Home While The Painters Finish Their Job

The question of Do I need to stay home with the house painters? is one that comes up from time to time, but we assume that the vast majority of people ask themselves this question at least 100{bd1536148bd3ae10febdf5a127c08f4c507df5b42a4549ff04ca3214ac31ad67} of the time. Is it safe for me to leave the house alone? Commercial offices and businesses, on the other hand, have the same curiosity.

The answer to this question is that you have complete freedom of choice. When the painters are working on the inside of your home, you’re not obligated to stay at home with them, but if you prefer or are compelled to, you can. Even if you’re at home, most people won’t stay outside all day to watch for paint to dry, even if they’re painting the exterior of their house.

Thanks to your painting company, you can feel good about the appearance of your house.

A customer’s top three concerns when choosing to employ a painting company are usually as follows:

  • Do they have insurance to cover this?
  • Is this a group of people?
  • How do they protect the safety of their personnel and do background checks?

Painting contractors aren’t the only ones who should be held to this standard. Any professional painting company’s success hinges on its ability to rely on a capable team. Our contractors undergo comprehensive background and security checks and are fully insured and bonded by the Woodiwiss Painting Company.

You should ask your contractor the same questions, but you should also inquire about the following matters:

  • How long will this project take to complete?
  • Will the same members of the team be on hand throughout the duration of the project?
  • Is my presence required at any point during the project?
  • Is there a protocol in place regarding theft?

All painting jobs are completed by the same team of highly qualified painters, with the exception of those in which an employee is unable to complete the work due to illness or an emergency. Although our organisation has a zero-tolerance policy on stealing, it has never been enforced.

For the majority of our projects, we’ll require that homeowners meet with us in person before and after the work is completed. In advance of starting to paint the interior, our Project Manager will conduct a walkthrough to validate the colour choices and locations, as well as any additional painting requirements that may arise.

Consider these safety precautions before you leave the house unattended while you’re painting the interior.

The decision to be present or not during the painting of your home is totally up to you; after all, it is yours. When it comes time to depart, we have a few ideas for you if it’s because you’ve got other things on your plate, if you need to get to work, or if you just don’t like sitting in a room with all of your furniture piled high.

If you can’t take your pets with you or leave them outside, you’ll need to keep them enclosed. Because they’re naturally curious about everything, even paint that’s still wet, this is for their own safety as much as ours. When we paint the interior, we may need you to move things around the house, so be on the lookout for that.

The kitchen table, couch, or bedroom can be reserved for you if you need to set up a laptop or make some phone calls during the day. Please let us know as soon as possible if there are any areas of your home that you would want to have painted before starting the rest of your house’s interior.

Woodiwiss Painting has been in business for about 30 years, and no one has ever expressed concern or accused their painters of stealing anything. There isn’t even a penny. For those who are concerned about the possibility of their belongings being stolen, the garage is a good place to store them. Guns, jewellery, cash, and piggy banks can all be stored away in a safe or fireproof lockbox, as well as high-value portable devices like PCs and iPads.

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