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Simple Upgrades to Transform Your Bathroom into a Small Spa

A spacious bathroom with a shower room.

Rather than spending money on a spa visit, why not invest in a haven of your own to relax and rejuvenate whenever you want? People usually visit a spa to let themselves enjoy the relaxing ambiance created by the soothing lights and music. Why not just bring all of that home?

You can always count on your bathroom to be there when you need to relax and pick yourself up with a nice hot shower or a relaxing bubble bath.

To help you turn your bathroom into a magnificent spa and enjoy spa-like treatments regularly without having to leave your home, we have compiled some tips and tricks from the experts that specialize in shower door services in Austin.

1.  Eliminate The Clutter In Your Bathroom

The bathroom’s overstuffed medicine cabinets and counters aren’t exactly a spa-like atmosphere. Get rid of old or unneeded items that have been collecting dust for more than a year to get the ball rolling on decluttering your area. During the cleaning process, put away any supplies you don’t frequently use in appropriate storage containers.

The few items you use frequently should be placed on countertops and other visible storage, while the rest of your things should be tucked away securely.

2.  Add Space-Saving Storage Options

Provide plenty of storage space to keep the bathroom looking neat at all times. Besides the obvious bathroom cabinets and drawers, you may also use baskets, hooks, shelves, and other pieces of furniture to maximize storage space. Put similar things in the same box, and use sub-boxes if you need to be more specific.

Having everything you need in one convenient location reduces the time and mental energy you spend getting ready. The whole point of a spa-like bathroom is to make your time spent there more relaxing, so keep that in mind while designing your bathroom.

3.  Use Plush Bath Towels

To create a relaxing spa environment, fluffy, high-quality towels are essential. Get some cotton or bamboo bath towels if you want something soft and absorbent that will last a long time in the wash. Towels can be displayed either rolled or folded neatly into a stack.

4.  Add Some Low-Maintenance Plants

One of the simplest methods to transform your bathroom into a spa is by adding plants. Whether on the floor, the counter, or the ceiling, houseplants in pots provide a touch of greenery to every environment. It’s important to pick plants that can survive in the high humidity and low light levels of a bathroom.

If you don’t have the time or ability to care for real plants, you can still add beauty to your bathroom by placing a vase of fresh flowers on a countertop or shelf.

A shower room with plants.

5.  Replace Your Old Showerhead

Changing from a standard to a more elaborate showerhead is a simple way to add a bit of pampering to your morning or night ritual. Consider options like a handheld sprayer, a showerhead that can be adjusted to your height, or a massaging spray pattern before making a purchase.

If you want to go the extra mile, it can be worthwhile to replace other fixtures in the bathroom, like the sink or the toilet, with newer, higher-quality versions that have convenient extras like touchless automation or heated toilet seats.

6.  Install A Frameless Shower Enclosure

To improve the aesthetic of your bathroom without compromising its integrity, consider installing a frameless shower enclosure.

A frameless shower enclosureallows you more freedom of movement and installation options. If you’re looking to conserve some room, consider installing frameless doors instead of conventional ones because they swing inward and outward. Due to the lack of a metal frame, these shower doors can be easily cleaned and will fit in with any design scheme you choose for your bathroom.

Sliding shower doors, semi-framed doors, and different types of glass (clear, etched, textured, raindrop, and more) are just some of the frameless shower door options you can choose from.

7.  Install Appropriate Lighting

You can’t have a luxurious spa bathroom without the right lighting. A good example is the use of light dimmers to modify the intensity of the lighting. Since of their versatility, dimmers are a great addition to any home because they allow you to control the illumination level to suit your particular mood.

To provide even more light across the space, you can add track lighting. Track lighting is an excellent choice in a bathroom for a well-lit space that isn’t too harsh.

8.  Use Mirrors To Reflect Light

Lighting isn’t the only factor you should consider when trying to give your bathroom a light and airy feel. Install plenty of shiny mirrors and glass shelves in your bathroom. The reflective surfaces of large mirrors, the gleaming metal of fixtures, and the reflective surface of polished tile all contribute to the airiness and brightness of a bathroom, which can lift your spirits.

If you’re looking for custom or framed glass mirrors in Austin, Shower Doors of Austin can help.

A bathroom with two vanities.

9.  Choose Warm Neutral Colors

Creating a soothing atmosphere can be as simple as selecting a color palette heavy on pastels and neutrals. Color combinations with a high degree of contrast, such as black and white or blue and orange, are not relaxing and should be avoided in the bathroom.

A soothing color scheme befitting a spa can be achieved by combining warm neutrals with natural hues, such as seafoam green, deep burnt orange, and sky blue.

10.      Use Soothing Scents

Some aromas can quickly put you in a calm state of mind. Infuse your bathroom with soothing aromas like ylang-ylang, lavender, and rosemary, for a little aromatherapy. Moreover, you can easily create a soothing atmosphere with the help of essential oil diffusers and scented candles, lotions, or soaps.

Alternatively, you could hang some eucalyptus in the shower and enjoy the invigorating aroma every time you step in the shower.

A bathroom with a bathtub and plants.

Shower Door Experts in Austin Can Help You Design the Ultimate Spa-Like Bathroom

Why not hire shower door specialists in Austin who focus on delivering a wide range of bathroom and home remodeling services? They can help you complete the transformation and convert your bathroom into a spa retreat.

The shower glass experts at Shower Doors of Austin can make your bathroom seem exactly how you want it to with the installation of bespoke shower glass in your shower enclosures. They are experts in installing various glass products, including sliding and frameless shower doors, custom etched glass, stair rail glass, custom wine rooms, and glass table tops.

Visit their website or call them for more information and a free service quote.

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