Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The ultimate guide to crown reductions

There are times when your trees can start to look a little top-heavy. As they grow, and start to fill out the area they inhabit, trees will naturally expand and grow, spreading their branches to absorb as much sunlight as possible through their leaves.

For many trees, though, this is where problems can creep in, especially in trees that make up part of a garden or park, and this is where crown reductions can help.

A crown reduction is a method of trimming back a tree by removing branch tips and dead, diseased, or damaged branches, pruning back the tree to a shorter length along its branches so that the overall health of the tree is improved. By giving your tree a good trim, not only does the remaining branch get more light, but so does your garden! On top of this, unlike other methods crown reduction allows the tree to retain its natural shape so that it remains as aesthetically pleasing as it was in the first place.

The best method for a healthy tree

As any experienced and knowledgeable tree surgeon will tell you, a crown reduction is the recommended way of maintaining a tree’s size and shape without damaging its overall structure. While some firms may suggest tree topping as a method, this can leave a tree damaged. Tree topping consists of cutting the entire top of the tree off, leaving the trunk exposed and weakening the tree structure overall.

As you can guess, this tends to make the trees look pretty bad, and also leaves them vulnerable to further damage from sun exposure and disease.

Any tree surgeon worth their salt will tell you that a crown reduction is a much better way to manage your tree, and an experienced firm will have all the necessary equipment and training to ensure that your trees stay hale and healthy. Tree surgeons can use anything from mobile platforms to cranes and rigging equipment – this isn’t an operation any gardener can undertake themselves, after all!

Hiring a professional company to trim back your trees is essential, as the specialist work can be dangerous for anyone without the proper training – using heavy cutting equipment at the height of the treetops is not task for the faint hearted.

Professional treatment means happy trees

Trees are vital to their environment and keeping them healthy is one of the most important jobs of any tree surgeon, with the crown reduction being one of the key parts of that work. Maintaining and managing trees across public, private, and commercial properties ensures that parklands and gardens remain healthy.

It’s important to remember that trees and their environments are living organisms, and like other living organisms they sometimes need a helping hand to get by. Thankfully our friendly tree-surgeons are out there making sure all our trees are healthy!

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