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What Can You Cook in a Grill Microwave Oven?

Almost everyone has a microwave in their home, and for the most part, they are simply used to warm up leftovers. However, in recent years innovations have been made that increase the uses of your microwave. A microwave grill allows you to prepare more complicated dishes than you could before, which can save you time in the kitchen. So, what can you prepare in a microwave grill oven? Let’s get into it.

The Uses of a Microwave Grill Oven

As mentioned above, the uses of a traditional microwave were somewhat limited. They could defrost foods, heat up leftovers, and cook foods from fresh or frozen and warm beverages. In essence, traditional microwaves work by creating steam and steaming the contents, which doesn’t work for all forms of food and can be very limiting. A grill microwave, on the other hand, has an additional grilling function which allows them to cook foods that would usually be done on a stovetop or inside the oven.

Microwave ovens can grill, sear, crisp and brown foods depending on whether you are using the grill or convection function. This dramatically widens the scope of what you can cook in them. When considering what you can cook in a grill microwave oven, it is easier to instead think about what you can’t cook. You can make grilled sandwiches, burgers, roast meats, pizza – truly, you can make all manner of meals in it. The sky’s the limit.

The Advantages

A grill microwave oven like the selection from Midea Gulf has a number of advantages or benefits to its use. The added functions can really help to transform your cooking skills regardless of where you are starting from in terms of skill and knowledge. A grill microwave allows you the cooking power of a microwave, oven and grill in a smaller, more manageable package. A microwave grill oven allows you to create an easy one-dish meal in as little as fifteen minutes.

You can also cook from frozen, defrosting the food, then cooking or grilling it as necessary without having to wait for the food to thaw first. You can also prepare your food on the plate that you plan to eat it off of, which limits the number of pots and pans that you will need to clean after. The way that you choose to cook vegetables does affect the amount of nutrients that they retain; for example, boiling them can pull the nutrients out, whereas steaming helps to retain them. Finally, microwaving good is usually safer and uses less energy than cooking in a traditional oven.


If you are wondering whether you should buy a microwave grill or not, then you need to think about your own cooking capabilities and whether it would add anything to your life. A lot of people find their microwave grill to be an invaluable cooking instrument. They can be especially useful for those who live alone or only cook for themselves. They are also pretty compact, taking up very little room, so it is definitely worth considering.

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