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Why is Granite a Common Interior Decoration Material for Both Commercial and Residential Spaces?

Granite is incredibly durable and resistant to scratches. A surprising amount of durability can be found in granite, making it ideal for use in high-traffic kitchens. Due to the material’s resistance to heat, contact with a cooktop or the brief placement of a hot pan on the surface won’t damage it. Granite won’t be easily scratched either because it is a very hard material.

To meet the requirements of a building design, every project calls for specific materials. In general, the building materials used in residential construction differ greatly from those used in commercial structures. The grade of materials frequently vary greatly because the goals for building in each scenario are very different. However, some materials, like granite, are thought to be suitable for both commercial and residential construction and hence granite sealers and polish are used.

Due to their relative superior hardness to marble, granite countertops are notable. It is among the hardest natural stones. Granite is more durable against cracking and chipping. Granite is a fantastic substance for kitchen countertops because it is heat-resistant and can easily endure hot cookware. Marble is easily stained by spills, especially those involving acidic liquids like vinegar and citrus fruit juices. Even kitchen ingredients like (haldi) can stain it. Therefore, installing marble countertops in professional kitchens is not recommended. Compared to marble, granite only needs occasional maintenance. The best feature of granite is that small stains on the countertop can be covered up with epoxy or resins that match the colour. Every two years, granite is required to be sealed.

The most widely used countertop material is granite because of its enduring qualities, natural beauty, and luxurious appearance. The minerals in commercial granite are visible as large grains (hence the name “granite”). This sets it apart from basalt, greenstone, and commercial slate, where the material is microscopic.

Authentic granite is a much more specialised rock type according to geologists. Granite is the most popular building material used to build homes because of its durability and natural beauty.

However, it is also renowned for having incredible resistance to corrosive chemicals and weathering, which makes this natural stone a great option for commercial construction as well. Since granite is the most prevalent igneous rock to be found at the Earth’s surface and is used to make many items we use every day, it is well known. These include stair treads, floor tiles, curbing, paving stone, counter tops, building veneer, and gravestones.

Due to the crystal structure of granite, there are always tiny cavities or spaces between the various mineral crystals. Before polishing, they are invisible, and once the surface has been heavily polished, they usually disappear on finished pieces. Additionally, granite has natural fractures that may resemble cracks but are not structural deficiencies and do not affect the material’s performance or durability. They appear as expected and are considered to be a component of the beauty of stone.

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