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6 Common House Pests & How to Identify Them

It is not unusual for a household to occasionally have a bug scurrying across the floor or ceiling. These creatures find your home comfortable. Add the food scraps and numerous dark corners to the mix, and you may find yourself unwillingly providing shelter to thousands of pests. However, determining the problem is one of your primary objectives before contacting pest control services in Singapore. Unfortunately, some of them share similarities.

Figuring out which creature is making itself at home has its challenges. You can’t just infer that you need termite control services in Singapore after seeing your wooden furnishings damaged. Aside from them, rodents have been known to chew on them for various reasons.

There are dozens of potential pests your house may have. Each of them has distinctive characteristics. Depending on your home environment, you may be at a higher risk of certain creatures than others. Being able to differentiate them can help you determine which commercial pest control services you need.

In this article, learn more about these six kinds of pests and how to identify them. Continue reading for more information.


These insects are creatures possessing six legs, with two antennae extending from their head. There are numerous species of ants, each with various shapes and colours. The most common colours are red, black, and orange. These animals have various diets. Some are carnivores, while others are omnivores, meaning they eat both animal and plant matter.

Unfortunately, ants are present on every area except Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, and specific islands. Depending on the species, they may create their nest outside or in your attics and basements. The good thing is that spotting these creatures should be easy. One of the clearest signs you have an ant infestation is the long lines they make whenever they forage for food. If you notice ant lines anywhere at home, especially in your kitchen, contact the nearest pest control services in Singapore immediately.


Like ants, termites possess six legs and two antennae extending out their heads. Their colours vary according to their role in the colony. They may come in black, red, or translucent. These creatures share similarities with carpenter ants, the difference being the long continuous body that termites possess.

Another similarity with ants is that termites are found everywhere except Antarctica. However, finding them out in the open is rare. Generally speaking, you know you require termite control services in Singapore when you notice significant damage to your wooden furnishings and walls.



These insects have flat, oval bodies with six legs, wings, and two antennae protruding out of their heads. In terms of colour, these creatures are generally black and brown. There are numerous species of cockroaches in the world. However, the most common one for residential owners in Singapore is the American cockroach, or Periplaneta americana (Linnaeus).

Finding them requires a bit more work than ants. These creatures prefer the dark, moist areas of your home where they breed. Attics and basements are excellent places for these guys to live. If you wonder whether you can have a cockroach infestation, the answer will be yes. Contact cockroach pest control services in Singapore once you determine an infestation.


Known for being carriers of the dengue virus, these flying insects carry other germs and diseases, some of which can be fatal. The average mosquito will have a grey or brown colour and can be a quarter-inch to half-inch in length. Finding the difference between them and flies is easy. These creatures have longer legs and a protruding tube-like nose that they use to suck blood from their prey.

Mosquitoes dwell in areas where water, especially stagnant ones, is abundant. These creatures also prefer warm, humid environments. Some of the signs you need to watch out for are as follows:

  • Mosquitoes hovering over food
  • You live in an area with humid weather
  • You notice that you’re getting bit often

Once you notice these, contact the nearest pest control services in Singapore to avoid health issues, such as dengue and malaria.



While species of spiders have differences in appearance, they share the common characteristics of eight legs and a small body. Unlike insects, they do not have antennae or wings. Additionally, they do not classify themselves as insects but as arachnids. Other species that fall under this category include scorpions and ticks.

While most spiders are non-venomous, some carry a poisonous substance while hunting prey. Furthermore, only a handful of species are aggressive. Black Widows and Brown Recluse Spiders are some of the creatures you need to avoid as their bites can result in pain and swelling. You should only consider contacting commercial pest control services if you have plenty of these creatures at home, as these animals have more advantages than disadvantages. The following are some of the benefits of having them at home:

  • As carnivores, spiders will eat other insects.
  • Spiders eat others of their kind as well.
  • Spiders reduce your chances of exposure to diseases other insects carry.

Depending on the species in your home, you may find webs in corners or elevated spaces. Other spiders prefer to hunt their prey by roaming around. While these animals have their benefits, their presences have downsides. Keep their population in check by contacting pest control services in Singapore.


Ticks are another species of arachnids that may be present in your house. These creatures possess six or eight legs, depending on their life cycle. They’re typically small and brown or black. Their shape differs depending on when they last fed. Those who haven’t eaten for a while will be flat, while those who just ate will have a rounder, more balloon-like shape.

Unlike spiders, ticks carry diseases, such as Lyme disease and Anaplasmosis. Due to this reason, contacting commercial pest control services is necessary the moment you see these creatures at home.

Households with dogs, cats, and other animals are more likely to have ticks at home. Additionally, individuals who cross through wooded areas may unknowingly carry these creatures to their homes. On their own, they will most likely enter your house through open doors and windows. Enlist the help of pest control services in Singapore once you find them on you, your loved ones, or pets.


Having pests at home is a problem requiring immediate attention. While some of them may be harmless when left alone, most of them will damage your home or increase your risks of diseases, such as dengue and Anaplasmosis. You must contact pest control services in Singapore to avoid the problems they bring to you, your loved ones, and your home.

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