Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Why A Whole Home Renovation Needs a General Contractor

There are some remodeling projects that can easily be handled by a small number of contractors that homeowners can schedule, but even then, arranging for designers, plumbers, builders and electricians to complete their work in the right order and at the right time, can become complicated and time consuming.

For larger remodeling projects, though, there can be no doubt that hiring an experienced general contractor is the best way to go about things, to ensure that the project runs smoothly, and comes in within (or even under) budget.

Tempted to try and handle your home renovation without the help of a general contractor? Here are just some of the many reasons why you shouldn’t:

No general contractor often means wasted time and a lot of headaches


Hiring remodeling professionals individually can be incredibly time consuming, and coordinating them all can give you a serious headache. With a general contractor, on the other hand, you can sit back and relax as they organize all of the remodeling professionals for you, and ensure that they work in harmony to prevent problems and keep your project running to schedule.

The project could come to a standstill if your capital is delayed

Most experienced and reputable general contractors have the capital needed to keep a home renovation project running even when the homeowners money is delayed. Committed to getting your project completed professionally and within the agreed timeframe, a general contractor will usually look for innovative ways to keep your project within budget, while never compromising on quality.

You could easily go over budget without a general contractor

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, a general contractor will know exactly how to prevent you incurring any additional, unexpected costs during the renovation, and will have access to the best deals when it comes to sourcing both materials and labor.

Issues with insurance and licensing can arise

Only with adequate licensing and insurance cover can you verify and ensure that you’re dealing with the right contractor. Licenses show that the contractor abides by the laws, codes, and regulations applied in the real estate industry, and insurance guarantees the safety of your project in the event of an unexpected emergency.

For peace of mind, always choose a general contractor who will ensure that sub-contractors and any other professionals they work with, are fully licensed and fully insured – this is something that should never be compromised on.

You won’t have access to fully customized services

Without a full-service general contractor, you won’t have access to an initial free consultation in which all aspects of the project can be discussed in detail. During this, you can ensure that the renovation in its entirety, is tailored to your exact needs, and that every room will be renovated to the same high standard.

For peace of mind and a whole home or apartment renovation that’s guaranteed to suit all of your requirements (and match all of your dreams), always work with an experienced general contractor.


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