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Call a Pest Control Company in Singapore If You Encounter These 3 Pests

There are a lot of upsides to living in Singapore. One of the biggest upsides is that it is a country in the tropics, allowing us to have pleasant weather year-round. We can enjoy going outside, visiting beaches, and staying in the sun practically all year. But this is a perk with a downside. We might find it more comfortable to live here, but pests also find it much more bearable to live in warmer areas where cold cannot affect them. The result is that we constantly battle pests in the country. Only the right residential or commercial pest control services in Singapore can help you if you have serious pest problems.

So many homeowners or building managers do not know how to equip themselves for combat against these home invaders. Some think you can solve all cases with a little bug spray and mousetraps. Some pests, however, cannot be eliminated easily. They may stay in hard-to-reach areas and only show themselves once it is too late. The ordinary homeowner may be ill-equipped to handle pests that may weaken the foundations of the building.

Good news: you are not alone when fighting back against home intruders. You can count on several pieces of equipment, and even hire professionals if your problem looks unmanageable. Having pest control services and products ready can eliminate pests much faster. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to handle specific issues. Meanwhile, special pest control tools and equipment ensure that you control your issue and it does not spread. Pest controllers are also required to have licences by the government. You may also need access to skills and tools for bearing the onslaught of multiplying insects or rodents.

Let us learn how to know when to fight back against your pests, when to call pest control, and which methods are most effective against pest species. Check out 2 pest species that may deserve a call from a pest control company in Singapore.

3 Example of Pests in Singapore


What most people do not know is that we might see pest infestations at later stages. When we start seeing insects on our kitchen tables in broad daylight, they probably have a safe space to breed and live in at night. Most pest species are nocturnal and love hiding away in nooks and crannies.

Depending on the type of home, your environment, and how you live, you may experience different species of pests in your space. There is no one size fits all pest control solution for different pest species. For example, a termite pest control service in Singapore might look different from an ant pest control service. Here are some pest species to watch out for.

1) Rats and mice

Rodents are incredibly destructive pests that destroy your property, spread diseases, contaminate food, and leave droppings everywhere. Rats and other rodents can cause severe health problems for many families, biting family pets and triggering allergic reactions in other family members. When content, a small group of rodents can form a colony of dozens of rats, which is why you need to solve the rat problem before they get worse.

Once you see these pests in your home, you need to move quickly. Employ a method of rat and mouse catchers such as glue traps and mouse traps, and always switch up your methods. Unfortunately, rats are quite smart and can catch onto rat traps, so the best solutions are often the slow-acting ones that can affect the entire colony. \Another thing you need to do is dispose of any garbage and possible food or water sources for these rats. They will quickly move elsewhere if they do not have anything to eat.

If you are at the end of your ropes and there are too many rats or mice to eliminate, give a pest control company in Singapore a call. They may be able to help you with specialised equipment, and you can have peace of mind while they take care of any remaining rats in the colony.

2) Termites

Termites are not like ants; they rarely emerge from their burrows unless they are forced out because of a destructive event that dealt damage to your home. You may see them in soil, mud tubes, or food sources they are burrowing in. You might not be able to discover you have termites unless you probe exposed wood for open spots or identify termite swarms from average ant swarms. You can usually differentiate termites from ants from the antennae— termites have straighter antennae while ants have bent ones.

The best way to prevent termite swarms is to pay attention during construction. Cover exposed wood surfaces. Don’t let the ground get moist by fixing leaks almost immediately. If you want to grow a garden, keep trees, bushes, and shrubs away from the wooden surfaces of your building. And do not store wood debris inside your house.

Any wet or moist wooden surface is guaranteed to attract termites. If you cannot avoid these, call termite pest control in Singapore.

3) Roaches

Common pests in Singapore, roaches are enough to send a shiver of disgust down any homeowner’s spine. If you have roaches in your home, the key to avoiding a bad experience is getting rid of them as fast as possible. The best way to do this is to eliminate the things that might attract the roaches to your home.

Some are lured because of food sources, others because of the dark, moist environment cockroaches thrive in. Some species of cockroaches don’t even need unsanitary conditions to live—a gap in your home could’ve lured them in. Call pest control to know more about your specific situation.

Don’t let pests ruin your day. Call Ridpest to know more about car fumigation in Singapore and other services they offer. You may have a little peace of mind after eliminating pests from your home.

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